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First Look at the 2021 Hellcat Powered Durango – All the Specs!

By: Jesse Kleib   July 2, 2020

The concept of a Hellcat-powered Dodge Durango has been a rumor lurking for a while now. Today, Dodge finally made that dream official. I guess that it turns out that the leaks that we saw going around yesterday proved to be pretty accurate as well. However, their promises of an 11.5-second quarter mile aren’t where the fun stops.

The Concepts, Materialized

To open things up, Dodge tells us that they were looking to create something “Big, bold, and aggressive.” That’s something that we think that they certainly accomplished with the new “3 row supercharged Hemi muscle car.”

From a cost perspective, it would’ve been reasonable to suspect that Dodge might just drop in the engine and call it a day. However, it looks like they took a bit more care to make sure that the fit and finish on the build was perfect, instead.

The Hardware

While the truck does feature the familiar Hellcat architecture, we learn that it spins higher to create more horsepower. The transmission also shifts harder and rev matches to make the driver feel like they’re truly behind the wheel of a muscle car.

Dodge also promises that a tuned suspension takes advantage of the Durango’s 50/50 weight distribution. Last but certainly not least, they retooled the exhaust to make it sound the part as well. As we all know, the sound that a muscle machine makes is one of the most important parts.

By the Numbers

So what does this all amount to in performance figures?

For starters, the 710 hp combination earns the Durango an 8700 lb tow rating. This makes it the most capable tow rig in the SUV world. Meanwhile, the truck will do 0-60 in 3.5-seconds and scoot down the quarter-mile to the tune of 11.5-seconds, also a class best. Last but not least, it’s also claiming its position as the most powerful SUV in the world.

For those who are seriously thinking about adding this monster to the garage, it’ll be just a single model year run. Better get it while it’s hot because this bad boy is 2021 model year only!