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Flying a Leaf Blower Powered Airplane Made of Foam

In the world of automotive modification, some people live by the “built not bought” mantra. This means that they would rather go out into the garage and tinker with different parts to assemble a complete automobile. This comes in favor of those who just go to the store and basically buy a vehicle of their choosing. They might even pay somebody to modify it. There’s definitely value in both types of rides.

For those who aren’t too familiar with the remote control community, this concept applies there as well. Sure, people most commonly know about the side of things that will have store-bought remote control vehicles coming to the forefront. However, just like the world of automotive modification, there are about a million different ways to customize a remote-controlled vehicle. Some of these things get pretty custom and can be just as complicated as a car or truck build.

This time, we check out a machine that is definitely using the built-over-bought line of thinking. Instead of doing anything that resembles a traditional remote control vehicle, this airplane has a rather unique power source. Even in the most custom of applications, some sort of common motor would be put in place. This time, though, it’s a leaf blower instead.

By following along with the video below, we get taken on quite a unique journey. In this one, we check out some small-scale engineering put to the test to take a leaf blower power source and put it in the sky. This isn’t PeterSripol’s first time trying this out on his YouTube channel. However, it might be his best attempt. After all, he picked up a good amount of information the last time that he gave us a shot.

One never quite knows what they’re going to find out there in the land of the internet. It’s videos like these that really inspire us to try something different.

Does it make the most sense in the world? Not really. Is it a ton of fun to watch it unfold? Absolutely.