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Farmtruck and AZN Visit the 2017 Oklahoma State Fair

Even when they aren’t in action on the streets and tracks around the country, racing some of the fastest street cars that America has seen, Farmtruck and AZN happen to be a lot of fun to watch whether they’re picking for antiques, working on their vehicles, or just hanging out at the shop. No matter what it is that these guys are getting into, they’re a ball of fun to get behind and get excited about. In this one, we follow another haphazard adventure that puts us in the loop to see what FNA is up to when they aren’t behind the wheel.

This time, it’s the State Fair that’s the stage for the adventure as this dynamic duo hangs out with some fans and has some good times along with getting tied up in a root beer mystery and teaching you the inside tricks on how to win some carnival games, bringing that good old-fashioned Farmtruck and AZN twist to the mix that everybody has come to know and love them for. From what we have seen of them, these guys really don’t seem to have an off-switch either as they’re hustling or having a great time all the time… Sometimes, they just so happen to be doing both!

Follow along with the video down below that puts you on the scene of the fair to see exactly how these guys go about navigating their way through all the games and food that a place like this has to offer. Personally, I’m kind of surprised they didn’t throw something a little bit deep-fried into the mix! Isn’t something unhealthy to eat what these places are all about, after all? If you were at the fair with Farmtruck and AZN, what would be the first ride or activity that would you head out to do?