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Dare to Follow Your Dreams, the Ultimate Gearhead Motivation

The goals are easy to obtain. Sometimes, though, the motivation might just be a little bit trickier. As they say, the journey is often better than the destination. However, there might be times where the journey can get a little bit tough. The ups and downs are what make said journey worth it. We might need a little bit of a kick to get up to those high spots, though. With a video like this one, we get the chance to check out some pure motivation that can help to lift us out of those ruts that life tends to throw our way every once in a while.

This time, we have just that motivation to get you going early in the week! It’s coming from a YouTube channel by the name of Lite Brite and they’re on top of it with some amazing cinematography. This one takes us to the desert and really manages to connect with the gearhead inside of us all.

Personally, I’ve seen plenty of these motivational types of videos but this one manages to hit on a much deeper note. We never thought that going off-roading in the desert could make us want to get up and go live life so much as this video does! This Jeep and buggy combo has us ready to tackle the week, though!

By following along in the video below, we’re all in for quite the treat. This certainly isn’t a conventional video but we think it’s one that everyone could see. Who knows? Something so simple as a four-minute video might just change the pace of your entire life!

After checking this one out, be sure to tell us what brave new venture you’re thinking about trying out. It’s kind of hard to not have a new fire burning after this one! We warned you. Get ready for a kick of adrenaline!