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Footage of Cruise Ships in Giant Storms Makes us Re-Think That Vacation

For those massive ships that find themselves out in the open water, surrounded by the seas, it’s not exactly like the crew aboard these vessels can always perfectly predict the weather. When bad weather comes, there’s no avoiding it sometimes.

After all, occupants can’t go inside and pretend that the rain doesn’t exist. When completely surrounded by water that seems to be getting more and more violent, there’s only one option. They need to batten down the hatches and hope for the best! It may be terrifying. Sometimes, vessels need to just take the situation head-on, though.

In this one, we see exactly what happens when a group of cruise ships has to take on some pretty bad weather. These ships are really getting pelted with the worst of it. As the vessels cross the water, there’s nothing that anyone on board can really do except hold on for dear life. We’re sure that everyone is hoping that the person in charge is doing their best job. This has to be quite a stressful responsibility for the crew.

Even from this side of the screen, it’s quite the experience. Something like this can have a viewer’s heart beating at double its normal speed within seconds!

If you follow the video below you’ll be able to see the footage that captured the breathtaking moments of the ships rocking back and forth in the water. These things were taking on the waves as best as they possibly could. At times, there might even be instances where your heart nearly jumps to your throat.

We can almost feel ourselves rising and falling on these big waves. One thing that is for sure is the fact that this had to be an ultimate adrenaline rush. However, we’re not too sure it’s a situation that many people would really opt to be in.