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Turbocharged Shopping Go-Kart is Nothing Short of Legendary

These days, it seems like people lack the ingenuity to do anything new and different. The same old thing goes on over and over again. With everybody always looking for the easy route to success, you really get a lot of cookie-cutter ideas. As we know, the BoostedBoiz are always into something different. This time, they throw some custom fabrication in the mix and go against the grain. It’s crazy as they took something as simple as a shopping cart and turned it into something incredibly awesome. This is the kind of off the wall thinking we can’t help but love!

In this one, we see the result of taking the frame of a shopping cart and tactfully chopping it up. When all is said and done, the result resembles a  go-kart. It might not be perfect but for what it is, this thing definitely runs its rear end off. It brings together all kinds of different custom fabricated pieces that had to take some serious effort to concoct.

I’d have to guess that being behind the wheel of this thing and seeing it be successful is a lot more satisfying than going out and buying something to wheel around in. As we see in this video, a couple of issues arise but it’s nothing a little bit of creativity can’t solve. Half of the fun is overcoming adversity that might try to get in the way. That really makes a project that much more worth it.

Follow along in the video below with the incredibly sketchy yet oh so satisfying build that comes to a head. There’s something about a unique creation like this that’s hard to turn your back on. There’s no telling what YouTubers will think of next. A shopping cart that actually rips certainly wasn’t something that anyone was expecting.