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Ford’s Bringing Back Gas Engines in their Heavy Duty Trucks

2020, 2020 Ford Super Duty, Powerful, NEW 7.3L V8

Just when we all thought we had everything figured out, the automotive industry has a way of throwing us through a loop. They regularly tend to give us a situation that might not be the norm. It kind of makes us think about what direction everything is heading and how we can never set the future in stone. The perfect example of this can be seen here.

Naturally, it seems like just about everything, when it comes to vehicles these days, is all about integrating all electric somehow or maybe small displacement forced induction applications. All of this is with the aim of placing efficincy at the forefront. However, with the announcement of one of their new power plants for the heavy-duty trucks, Ford is going in a little bit different direction here.

In the F-150 line of trucks, naturally, we’ve become used to watching out for just how the eco-boost applications are going to compare to the V8. In the heavy-duty section, though, this time, we get to see a new gas engine make an appearance. For those who think that lots of cubic inches are the way to go, this might just be the platform that they’ll end up taking home.

It seems like the 7.3 L V8 that Ford will now be offering in their heavy-duty trucks is anything but modest. It really packs a punch with the aim of offering lots of low-end torque. When asked why they chose to go against the trend with this one, a representative from Ford replied, in summary, that it’s basically because the engine is designed to serve the purpose of towing heavier loads more efficiently. This efficiency is something that they don’t think could be accomplished with a smaller displacement and more boost in a gas engine.

In the TFL Truck video below, we get the full rundown of what can be expected out this new gasoline platform along with some of the updates that are going to be made to the third generation of 6.7L turbo diesel that will still also be available. When consumers find their way to the truck market, it looks like they’re going to have yet another option to choose from should they find themselves in Ford‘s wheelhouse and looking for power.