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Ford Bronco Sends It Straight Across An Intersection

Sometimes, when you have that feeling inside of you that’s searching for adrenaline, you’ll do whatever it takes to reach out and grab it, even if it means maybe taking a walk on the wild side to get your thrills. Sometimes, that risk ends up being worth the reward and other times, the risk will put you in enough of a precarious situation that you’ll end up regretting it!

This time, we see someone who was really in a “send it” mood as he decided to go above and beyond with the help of his Ford Bronco and it’s a lot of fun to watch. It seems like this driver is fully dedicated to grabbing big air as they leave a whole street worth of runway as they approach an intersection and keep on going faster before hitting the incline and going airborne! You know that when the Bronco touched down on the other side, the driver was feeling that one. All of that weight and momentum heading in the opposite direction is certainly a change that’s going to be taken on with a little bit of a bump.

If you follow along down in the video below, you might just cringe a little bit inside as the Ford is hurled very high into the air and comes down with a thud that had to be heavily felt by that driver for quite some time after-the-fact. Heading off of a jump like that definitely requires some intense dedication so we have to give this guy a pretty big round of applause. There’s really no way for him to do this other than to shut his eyes and go for it because even if everything is going as according to plan, this one could still leave you feeling it the next day.

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