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Ford GT Recall in Mass Quantities Due To Catching On Fire

Today’s big fire is coming from Ford, quite literally.

Just today, it has been reported that, as a result of the findings from the Ford GT that burned to the ground back in June of last year in Germany after 43 miles of drive time, Ford has located the issue and will be bringing almost every GT back into the dealership for a couple of updates.

As the story would go, the hydraulic system that controls the aero and suspension so that the car can alter itself for the driving conditions has been compromised, springing a leak with the potential for causing big-time damage.

Via Road and Track, “The leak originates from a valve that controls the hydraulics in the rear wing assembly. The fluid can drip down onto the exhaust manifold, and if it’s hot enough, a fire can start in the engine bay.”

Ford says that the fix will consist of hydraulic check valves, hydraulic fluid filters, and O-rings, at least for the cars that don’t already have them equipped. A software update will accompany these physical changes as to maintain proper pressure in the lines.

Every GT produced between December 20th, 2017  and July 31st of 2018 will be affected by the recall and it’s probably a “better safe than sorry” scenario by those who have invested their money in these machines.

It almost strikes you as a bit odd that none of this came up when they were building and torture testing the car. From what we can recall the GT was really put through its paces, making impressive laps at tracks across the world as it was really put through the wringer by the engineering team at Ford. Hopefully, all recall orders will be able to be finished before too many more people feel the ill effects. Luckily, there haven’t been any reported injuries to date.