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Ford GT90 Found Hidden in Rural Town! (Priceless “Barn Find”)

When we delve into the history of concept cars, we encounter some truly remarkable and imaginative ideas that have been brought to life.

Concept cars serve as a platform for manufacturers to showcase their capabilities, even though the concepts themselves may not always make it to the mass market. Though captivating, some ideas may ignite consumer desire. Practical considerations like cost and broad appeal often lead to abandoning or delaying these concepts.

Ford, in particular, has produced a variety of wild concepts throughout the years. Yet, one particular model, which enthusiasts couldn’t get enough of, perhaps surpassed them all in sheer excitement. Sadly, a production version of this groundbreaking concept never materialized, even though some of the features did find their way into the rendition of the Ford GT that came out in 2005.

The car in question is the Ford GT90.

This time, our host at That Raing Channel takes us to the small town of Ames, Oklahoma, a town that is home to a whopping 193 people. Believe it or not, this is where the 1 of 1 gem lives. Worth $3 million at its time of conception, the GT90 has since received offers of up to $8 million, which its current owner has turned down.

Within, the GT90 showcases Ford’s immense capabilities at the time. This concept car boasted a quad-turbocharged V12 engine and a top speed exceeding 250 mph. Subsequent production models have matched its performance, but the GT90 accomplished these feats in 1995 when unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show.

In the following video, we delve into the icon and the remarkable features that made the Ford GT90 an exceptional and ahead-of-its-time machine. TRC and the car’s owner take the liberty of highlighting the array of technological marvels that set the car apart from its contemporaries and solidified its status as a truly unique concept car.

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