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The Wildest Concept Car Designs of the 80s Really Have us Questioning Life

Over the years, concept cars have really given us some interesting designs to be able to absorb. At the end of the day, most of the drastic design elements from concept cars don’t end up making it to production. However, there are pieces of many concepts that do end up becoming reality.

The whole point of a concept is the kind of test out how the public will react to certain things and maybe get some ideas about how to proceed. With that, we find that automakers are sometimes willing to take pretty big chances in the world of the concept. Because these big chances can’t just be taken on production vehicles, the concept is really a safe space for design to grow and try out new things.

This time, we get a chance to take a walk back through the 1980s and check out some of the wild concept vehicles from the time. Let’s just say that thinking outside of the box is one way to keep the automotive industry alive. However, just because the thought is outside of the box doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to make its way to the mainstream. A lot of these things might be fun to look at, practically implementing them, though, is an entirely different story.

By following along with the video below from Goodwood Road & Racing we get to join in with the best concept cars of the 1980s. Some of these things seem to be incredibly ahead of their time, giving us a design that maybe would pop up in future decades. However, a lot of these ideas were just far too wild to ever be accepted by the masses even though they might be cool to look at.

Which one of these concept ideas do you think should have caught on but never did?

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