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Ford Hits The Brakes, Discontinues The GT350

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. It is certainly no different in the case for the Shelby GT350 as Ford has announced that the model will be no longer. In the scheme of things, it really just didn’t seem to quite serve a purpose in the landscape of the plentiful number of different Mustang trim levels that exist on the market today.

If we had to wager a guess as to why Ford decided to call it quits on the model, it would probably be the lack of differentiation between other models. Sure, from the standpoint of an enthusiast, having access to the flat-plane-crank V8 in a car designed to be able to handle the twisties might’ve been something exciting.

However, at the end of the day, enthusiasts are only a very small part of the automotive market. Instead, Ford has to consider the general consumer to which they sell the vast majority of their cars, Mustangs being no exception.

Instead, the only Shelby that we will find on Ford’s lots, as far as Mustangs go, is the Shelby GT500. For those looking to get the job done, the GT500 will offer up 760 ground-pounding horsepower. This horsepower will be shifted exclusively through a dual-clutch automatic transmission. That’s right, no manual is available.

One of the exciting things that we will miss about the GT350 is the fact that it only came in a manual. Not only is the manual fading in this day and age to the point where there aren’t exactly models that come exclusively in the manual but the transmission type seems to be fading from the landscape entirely.

Below, YouTube creator, EddieX, digs into what exactly we can expect with the future of the Mustang and where fans of the GT350 might be able to look if they want to get something similar in the future.