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Ford Honoring Warranties on GT500s That See the Track, But There’s a Catch

Sometimes, the fine print can really be a killer. When purchasing a new vehicle, many folks will spend the extra money to get a newer car or truck with the idea that, should they end up damaging it or somehow having something break within the vehicle on its own, that the vehicle will be covered under warranty. A warranty can be a great thing if it’s honest and covers everything but warranties have also have created their fair share of horror stories. These horror stories come at us in a variety of different ways where folks have slipped into expensive repairs that they would end up being responsible for.

One of the reasons why a vehicle may have a voided warranty is because the owner of said vehicle has taken it to a racing event and competed. Now, it could be difficult for a manufacturer to prove that a driver has taken their vehicle to the race track or furthermore that the damage came from racing, however, that’s neither here nor there when reading the fine print. Enforcement of the rule is one thing but whether or not it exists at all can really let enthusiasts minds be at rest should they decide that they do want to take their vehicle to the race track.

Every new Mustang that you get behind the wheel of comes with a warranty off the bat, delivering drivers a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. The 2020 Shelby GT500 gives buyers that same confidence. What does that mean if drivers want to put it on a race track, though? Ford says basicall that it’s ok, warranty wise, to take the new GT500 to the drag strip for a little bit of testing and tuning. The car will still be covered. However, the moment that the driver of the GT500 enters into a competitive event in any nature at the track, it seems as if Ford will not cover the vehicle under warranty.

This really sounds like something that could create a whole slippery situation as to prove who did what and finger pointing. We would recommend, though, that if the warranty is that important to you, as the owner of such a car, that you take the time to read over all of the fine print.


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