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Ford Just Announced They Are Recalling Over Half of a Million Vehicles Due to Possible Brake Failure

Ford has made headlines Friday for a massive recall that’s going to affect half of a million of its vehicles. The recall, related to the braking systems, could cause-specific models to fail to stop. Apparently, in these models, there is the potential for a brake fluid leak. The more the fluid leaks out, the less braking power the vehicle will have. Naturally, this could be the cause of some rather dangerous situations.

In many cases related to brake fluid, the issue gradually becomes worse over time. In some cases, though, lines or fittings may rupture which would cause a more sudden loss of braking pressure. However, Ford hasn’t commented on if this is the case with this particular issue or not.

What they have commented on is that these vehicles may have been assembled with defective front brake jounce hoses also known as “Flex lines.” The hoses are responsible for delivering fluid to the front brake calipers and could potentially rupture. Ford says that they will replace the components in question with new parts.

Ford tells us that 559,000 2015 through 2018 Ford Edge vehicles and 2016 through 2018 Lincoln MKZ vehicles have the potential to be impacted by the issue. The issue may cause the components to rub together and wear off the finish, causing corrosion over time which could ultimately lead to suspension failure. The failure could lead to sudden and drastic changes in how the vehicle handles or drives. This could potentially lead to endangering the occupants and potentially other roadway traffic near the vehicle as well.

The company hasn’t reported any injuries or deaths as reported to either issue.

The final (and by far the smallest) recall is for the 2020 F-150. Some units may have left the factory with the incorrect retention nut on the hot lead to the starter motor. Ford says it can cause increased heat generation or electrical arcing, which could potentially result in a fire. Ford says this issue is limited to just a few hundred examples sold in the United States. Dealers will inspect the vehicles and replace the nut if necessary.

Furthermore, an additional recall has been made on 3,000 2020 model Lincoln Corsair Crossovers. In this model, examples may have been assembled without proper clearance between rear suspension springs and toe link brackets. – Check For Ford Recalls And Field Service Actions

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