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Ford Mustang Rolls Into Guy’s Car Then Blames HIM

Ford Mustang Rolls Into Guy’s Car Then Blames HIM

We get that accidents happen and we can definitely understand how, if you have a manual transmission, that your car can sneak back on you.

However, the driver of this Ford Mustang seemed to be especially oblivious as his car rolled backwards and kissed the bumper of the car sitting behind him.

The Mustang driver then had the nerve to blame it on the driver who was behind him, sitting still. We’re kind of surprised that the guy wielding the dashcam didn’t hop out and check to see if there was any damage on the spot.

Personally, we would have had to get the Mustang driver to pull over and have a couple of choice words with him while checking out the damage.

Check out the dashcam footage below to see what happened along with the resulting confrontation. This, ladies and gents, is why it might be a good idea to invest in one of these cameras.



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