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Ford Owner vs 1200 HP Camaro Ends With Epic Freak Out

For those who have come to know YouTuber, John Doc, and you should, they know that he has a pretty potent Chevrolet Camaro in his garage. The fifth-generation turbocharged car that affectionately goes by the name of “Cowmaro” has been the subject of a wide variety of his YouTube videos. One of our favorite concepts that he regularly engages in is a series where he showcases the power of the car to a variety of different passengers. Some of them seem to be a little bit more familiar with horsepower than others. However, there are definitely a wide variety of reactions. Both those who know of high horsepower and those new to it get quite a kick out of the car.

This time, the idea behind the video that John decided to put together was a little bit of a play on the Chevrolet versus Ford rivalry. No matter how long we invest time into motoring, this is going to be one that always comes in play at garages around the country and maybe even the world. Therefore, it leaves one to wonder if a Ford owner could ever admit that they were impressed or even blown away by a Chevrolet product. If there’s a car that could do it, we have faith that it’s John’s Camaro.

By following along with the video below, we get a front-row seat that end up providing some great camaraderie between car guys. In addition, the whistle and adrenaline rush provided by this monster really helps to put a smile on the face. There’s something about a car with a lot of horsepower tapping into that throttle that can really make someone smile from ear to ear. We submit this video as proof of that concept. Will the Cow impress a Ford fan? It’s time to find out!

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