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Ford Raptor jumps 90 feet!

The Ford Raptor is one of the coolest and most capable American trucks on the market, but it wasn’t really designed to fly.

Since Ford didn’t sell it with a sticker saying “not suitable for silly stunts” , one owner had to find out about it the hard way, both for his health and the truck’s integrity.

It’s needless to say he managed an impressive jump over the mud ramp, but it looks like he didn’t quite think things through all the way, and the whole spectacular event ended up in a painful crash. Below you will find 2 views of this video.

“Hey hold my beer and watch this” is one of the famous quotes being used in the social media world for this event. Right here you see the air bags deploy on impact and essentially folding the truck in half.  Some people have showed this video as rednecks with big checks, which could also describe it.

View 1:

View 2: