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Ford Raptor vs Supercharged GMC Canyon Drag Race: Which V6 is Faster?

Why are we interested in vehicles? Sure, their ability to go fast or go anywhere or be straight up luxurious might be some factors that can pull you into a car in order to be interested in it, however, the one thing that remains constant that really holds our interest in the car community once we’re there is the idea that any vehicle can be taken in so many different directions that it’s truly absurd. No matter what your taste or angle with the vehicle, you could take it in any direction that your heart desires, completely customizing it to meet your tastes.

In this one, we check out a couple of vehicles that might not necessarily be the most widely modified platforms in the world, as it seems like today, when it comes to the truck market, most people prefer to either beef up their diesel trucks or their V8 powered machines. However, as you know, the Ford Raptor has recently become a part of a movement that’s looking to transform trucks to the six-cylinder life and this one just so happens to be accompanied by a pair of factory turbos and, to go head to head with it, we check out a supercharged GMC Canyon, another truck that’s sporting a six-cylinder gasoline engine to see how it stacks up against the 4×4 that many would consider to be the benchmark.

TFL Truck goes over these trucks and gives you a good idea of what you’re looking at and what to expect from the rides before going at it with a drag race that will prove to be a good measuring stick to see how a couple of boosted American machines hold up against one another. These things might not exactly be conventional but they’re definitely something that you have to keep your eyes on because I don’t think that you could necessarily go wrong if you had either one of these machines in your driveway.