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Ford Software Update Allows Cop Car Interior to Heat to 133 Degrees

As we proceed through 2020, we’re thinking about things that we probably hadn’t even considered as recently as the end of last year. It’s like this year has provided an entirely new world for many across the world.

Sure, most of us have always kept some level of personal hygiene. However, nobody predicted that we would all be wearing facemasks and using hand sanitizer on a regular basis. These considerations have spread beyond just personal hygiene and have challenged just about every business and organization to make COVID-19 considerations.

As one might imagine, the police force is very much included when making these considerations. After all, police officers come into contact with a variety of different people on a regular basis. It’s not like they have a choice who they’re interacting with. Furthermore, the people that they arrest also don’t have a choice of who sat in the back of the police car before them. Luckily, Ford has considered this situation and come up with a solution.

With a software update, police will now be able to turn up the heat in their Ford patrol vehicles. The update will allow the heat to be cranked up to 133° for the span of about 15 minutes. Ford tells us that the heat blast is hot enough to kill more than 99% of germs that might cause the disease. Headlights and tail lights will flash to signal that the process is underway.

At the end of the day, this might not be the long-term solution to combating COVID-19. However, anything that could help to slow the spread is more than welcome. The challenge is figuring out how to push back against the issue as quickly as possible. Something as simple as a software update definitely shows us how technology has evolved quickly to be able to handle these situations.