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Ford’s “Godzilla” 7.3L Truck Engine is Now Available as Crate Engine for Your Project Car + Dyno Numbers!

As performance enthusiasts, we like seeing all kinds of different engines stuck into wall kinds of different platforms. In fact, the engine swap is one of the things that makes being a performance fanatic interesting. The more potential combinations to stretch out, the better!

One combination that has certainly raised some eyebrows over the past year or so is “Godzilla.”

The engine designed by Ford for the Super Duty pickup truck can now be bought outright on its own. That’s right if you’ve had your eye on this bad boy for your build, it doesn’t have to come from a junkyard, now! Instead, the crate engine can be bought directly from Ford for the grand total of $8,150.

At the core of what you get for that sum of money, we find a cast-iron block V8 with aluminum cylinder heads and a forged steel crankshaft. Also included in the package, buyers will receive an intake manifold, complete with throttle body along with the exhaust manifold, oil pan and cooler, ignition coils, a flexplate, and a storage cradle.

As far as performance figures, the engine seems to fall right in line with what we would expect for a stock gasoline truck engine. The power plant is capable of making 425 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. However, we would have to be naïve to assume that this is where the numbers are going to stay. We think that it’s a safe assumption to make, on the other hand, that enthusiasts will be able to coax more power out of the engine once things really get going.

Heck, we have already seen the engine transplanted into the likes of the Ford Mustang at this point. Once the crate engine starts making its way into the hands of consumers, who knows what it’s going to power next?

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