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Forget Garage Built, This Guy Built a Show Quality ’69 Camaro in His Backyard!

I think that most of us have some level of respect for garage built masterpieces. Sure, we would all love to have access to the best tools that the industry has available. However, on the other hand, there’s really something to be said about a machine that was built without the help of such tools. With this mentality, we find all sorts of folks building awesome creations in their own personal garages.

This time, though, we find a build that takes things a step further. For the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that goes by the name of “Lucifer,” the garage was even taken out of the equation.

The builder of this car says that the machine was constructed in his very own backyard. For those who have never built a car, they might think that this isn’t a big deal. However, those who have worked without the proper tools and setup realize that this would be quite the undertaking to accomplish.

With something like this, we get an inside look at just what can be accomplished with a little bit of grit and determination. Sure, with such a build, there were probably about a million excuses that could have been made as to why something like that shouldn’t work. However, this builder took it upon himself to think about the reasons that he could take on the build.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside look at the Camaro that has a little bit of an extra story behind it. From custom, wheels to trick paint and even the heart of a modern Camaro with an L99 pulled from a 2012 model car, this thing is really something to write home about.

For those who think that the build of their dreams can’t be done because of their means, something like this really shows us that it can.