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Former Fast N’ Loud mechanic, Aaron Kaufman, Is Back In An All-New Series Shifting Gears.


The Bearded One is back, this time at the helm of his own show on Discovery Channel. Shifting Gears premieres March 5th and will follow Aaron Kaufman as he basically tries a little bit of everything, as long as it involves wheels.

This sneak peek clip from the series premiere shows Kaufman, the former Lead Mechanic at Gas Monkey Garage, as he slips behind the wheel of an Ultra 4 racecar, the four wheel drive speed demon of the desert. As you will see, Aaron takes little time in getting acclimated to the Ultra 4, but that should come as little surprise to those who know Kaufman’s penchant for driving anything and doing it well.

On Fast N’ Loud, Kaufman provided the calm, level headed balance to Richard Rawlings’ over-the-top charismatic personality, bringing a much needed balance to the show, along with his obvious talent for fabrication. However, Aaron decided it was time to step out of the employee role and take over as owner of his own facility focusing on building Ford F100 trucks, a model he claims as his personal passion, and parts and accessories for them. This left Rawlings without his right hand man, and giving Aaron the freedom to pursue his other interest: driving. It’s no secret that he enjoys racing, so the new show, which looks to be aimed at putting Kaufman into all kinds of rides to see how quickly he can adapt to them and master a new type of racing, should be a perfect fit for him.

We can’t wait to see the new show, and look for a full review of the first episode as soon as it airs next month. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more from Arclight Fab, Aarons’s shop, as his continues to grow and expand his business.