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Forza Tuned Builds Speed Society’s 1100hp Widebody Redeye Hellcat… That You Can Win!

For those who missed the announcement, Speed Society is going to be giving away another monster of a machine. As of right now, the giveaway is open and one lucky winner is going to have the chance to go home with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye making 1100 hp. We even made an epic short film to promote the mean machine. To find out how to enter, check out this link.

As you and I both know, cars like this don’t exactly grow on trees, though. Straight out of the box, anything with a Hellcat badge is pretty intense. The Redeye takes the liberty of elevating that intensity as one impressive machine. However, it isn’t quite capable of the 1100 hp that our giveaway car is making. So, how did we span the gap?

This time, our goal is to relay just that information. As it turns out, our friends over at Forza Tuning and Performance are actually pretty good at putting together some of the world’s most impressive machines. Forza will work on a variety of cars but their specialization in Mopar is what really blows us away. While this type of build definitely takes a lot of knowledge and background in the industry, the guys over there make it look pretty much effortless.

In this one, we take you behind the scenes as Brenton from Forza Tuned shows off just that as he puts together the Redeye at Speed Society HQ! If you have ever wondered how a street car making four digits of horsepower is born, now is the time to break out the notepad.

At the end of the day, having an amazing shop like this in your corner is definitely in many people’s best interest to bring a dream like this to life. From the build to the tuning, this walkthrough should really shed some light on all of the effort involved in bringing dreams into the physical world!