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Four Turbos and a V12 Swap Really Wake this Toyota GT86 Up

When it comes to aftermarket modification, a lot of small, lighter cars are the apple of many a builders’ eye. A solid chassis to start with the doesn’t have much weight behind it and provides a good foundation to move forward with, giving you a nice little head start on that so so coveted power to weight ratio.

This time, we check out a Toyota GT86 that observes the methodology of stuffing big power in a little car as being incredibly cool. When all is said and done, this thing wakes up to the tune of a V12 engine, originally residing under the hood of a Toyota Century, but the 5L powerplant isn’t exactly where the fun ends.

Instead of popping this big and pretty looking engine into the engine bay of the 86, the crew behind it decided that this car would be pretty awesome with a set of turbos as well but when we refer to a “set,” we aren’t just talking about two. Instead, this thing has been put up on a pedestal thanks to four turbos! Whether or not these turbos were necessary to get to the car’s power level that hangs around 800 hp or not is debatable but I, for one, think they look pretty darn cool hanging out next to the v12! Check out the video below to get a little bit of a tour around the car that stuff all kinds of engine in a small package that has to be a blast to drive. After you get a load of the machine down below, be sure to tell us what you think of this obscure combination. If money were no object, what kind of engine would you stick in this car?