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Fredric Aasbo Stops by Hoonigan’s Donut Garage With His RWD Converted Corolla And Straight Shreds!

There are Corollas, and then there’s Fredric Aasbo’s Rockstar Energy/Nexen Tire Formula D Corolla, and the difference couldn’t be more drastic! Thankfully, the guys at Hoonigan managed to coerce Fredric into stopping by the back yard for a look under the hood, and then some.

The most obvious difference in Aasbo’s Corolla and your mom’s (doesn’t everybody’s mom drive a Corolla?) is the rear wheel drive conversion, which also means the car does something else Mom’s ‘Rolla doesn’t do: badass burnouts and donuts! Fredric’s Toyota is packing plenty of power under the hood to ensure it has zero trouble obliterating the rear tires, thanks in no small part to the powerplant, a highly-modified 2AR platform force-fed by a massive hybrid Borg-Warner turbo, complete with some of the coolest waste gate vents we’ve ever seen! With the addition of a small shot of nitrous, the diminutive engine managed to crank out around 250 HP… PER cylinder. 

That’s an estimated 1,000 horsepower at the crank from a four cylinder that also only weighs about 350 pounds, a featherweight in the engine world. Molded around the engine, an insane fabricated chassis turns the grocery getter into a legitimate drift contender thanks to the crew at Papadakis Racing. Beneath the Rockstar/Nexen-emblazoned bodywork lies the chromoly skeleton of a true drifty beast, allowing Aasbo the precision and control necessary to slide side-by-side with Formula D’s top wheelmen. 

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to the Hoonigan World HQ without the obligatory tiresmoke, which Aasbo gladly provides. Just be sure to crank up the volume when it comes time to take the car for a spin and listen to the ridiculously snappy throttle response, made possible by the hybrid turbo that seems to spool almost instantaneously.

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