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Friday Fun: Adel Police Department Visits SGMP For Lip Sync Challenge

A couple of times a year, the tiny town of Adel, GA swells to become one of the biggest small towns in the southeast when super-promoter Donald Long’s duo of small tire races bring racers and fans from all across the country to race, watch and party at Lights Out and No Mercy.

Long has built his races into two can’t-miss events for racers far and wide, often drawing competitors and spectators from the West Coast, Canada, and even Australia to the big track in the small town. Tucked neatly near the Georgia-Florida line, just off Interstate 75, South Georgia Motorsports Park plays host to the tandem of races, one in the spring and one in the fall. For these weekends, the sleepy town of Adel becomes a bustling motorsports Mecca, hosting tens of thousands of people who’ve made the pilgrimage to southern Georgia.

The town of Adel hasn’t always been exceedingly friendly to the facility itself, but as far as the racers and this pair of events, the community seems to welcome the hustle and bustle with welcome arms. Pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy with food, fuel and hotel spending, the racers certainly do their part to pump up the local economy, which likely helps alleviate the headache of the added traffic and noise.

The Adel Police Department works hand in hand with track personnel to keep traffic flowing around the facility and through town, as well as patrolling to help prevent theft and vandalism to the rigs in town for the events. They also provide added security for the event itself, keeping any trouble in check should it arise.

They recently tried their hand at the Lip Sync challenge, taking a little time to have some fun amidst the typical stresses that accompany any law enforcement agency. They did a great job, even making a stop by SGMP for one segment, so we thought we would share it with you guys. Maybe some of you have done this challenge? If so, drop a link in the comments on Facebook and we’ll check out your take on this viral sensation!