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From Giveaway to Champion: Ryan Weger’s Five-Year Journey with the fully built Speed Society Giveaway ‘Stealth’ ZL1

In the summer of 2019, Ryan Weger, a 47-year-old field service engineer, experienced a life-changing event. Weger won the 19th Speed Society Giveaway, taking home a 2018 Camaro ZL1 “Stealth” with an impressive 1000 horsepower, courtesy of Vengeance Racing. This incredible prize wasn’t just the start of his high-performance racing journey; it became a catalyst for his deep immersion into the world of drag racing.

Delivery Day + VIP Experience

On delivery day, Ryan Weger, the lucky winner of the Stealth Camaro ZL1 from Speed Society, had an unforgettable experience in Oklahoma. The event took place at Thunder Valley Raceway Park, coinciding with the thrilling Speed Society X Street Outlaws X Gold Rush “Gold Blooded” event.

The Speed Society team flew out to personally hand-deliver the powerful car, making the occasion even more special. Surrounded by the roar of engines and the excitement of the race track, Ryan’s moment was celebrated in true high-octane style.

  • Delivery day to Speed Society Giveaway winner Ryan Weger, #19 aka "Stealth" + VIP Experience. Thunder Valley Raceway, Oklahoma.

A Passion Ignited

Weger’s love for cars began early, surrounded by hot rods and custom cars at local parades and festivals. His first car, an ’86 Monte Carlo SS, set the stage for his lifelong passion. However, it wasn’t until he entered the Speed Society Giveaway on a whim—prompted by a desire for a sold-out t-shirt—that his racing dreams took off. Despite initially dismissing the calls informing him of his win, Weger eventually realized he was the proud owner of the high-performance Camaro ZL1.

Ryan Weger at a recent event image from ProTourque

The Heart of a Beast

The Camaro ZL1 featured a Gen V LT4 engine, upgraded by Vengeance Racing to boast 1000-plus wheel horsepower with the help of a Whipple Supercharger. But Weger’s thirst for speed led him to push the car even further. The current setup includes a Huron Speed “Race System” with twin Precision 68/75 turbochargers, pushing 25 psi of boost. This powerhouse is supported by a Stage II 10L90E 10-speed transmission from Pure Drivetrain Solutions and Aeromotive triple in-tank fuel pumps, among other top-tier modifications.

A Total Package Transformation

The transformation wasn’t limited to the engine. Vengeance Racing meticulously upgraded the chassis with BMR Suspension components and a set of Weld S71 wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tires. The exterior underwent a stunning makeover with a Satin Pearl White wrap, carbon-fiber hood, and trunk lid. Inside, a custom 10-point roll cage and a carbon-fiber steering wheel with LEDs ensure safety and style.

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Racing to Success

Since acquiring the Camaro, Weger has become a familiar face in the racing community. Competing in multiple Rocky Mountain Race Week events, he has consistently finished at the top of his class.

His latest setup has propelled him into the eights in the quarter-mile, with an impressive 8.73-second pass at 165 mph, securing a second-place finish at the Cadillac Attack event in Orlando, Florida.

Looking Ahead

The journey is far from over for Weger and his Camaro ZL1. With a new TH400 transmission in the works, he eagerly anticipates setting more personal bests. “This car has literally been a life-changing experience,” Weger says, reflecting on the friendships and experiences gained through racing.

As he continues to push the boundaries of performance, Weger’s story with the Speed Society Giveaway Camaro ZL1 remains a thrilling ride, driven by passion and the pursuit of speed.

Follow Ryan and his journey with the Stealth Camaro ZL1 on (Instagram, Facebook ) as he takes on racing circuits across the nation. With every race, he pushes the limits of performance and skill, showcasing the power and precision of his incredible vehicle. From local tracks to national competitions, Ryan’s victories and experiences are sure to inspire and excite racing enthusiasts everywhere. Stay tuned to witness his rise in the racing world and the thrilling adventures that lie ahead. Photo Credit – CSF Photo.