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Full Build: 70s Ford Crew Cab Gets Modern Cummins Diesel Treatment

As time goes on, we slowly but surely find that certain models go from just being old and undesirable to being classic and really kick off some nostalgia triggers in our brains that make them incredibly cool. This time, we check in with a ride from the 1970s that has most definitely made its way into classic truck territory.

The machine in question is none other than a Ford crew cab pick up truck. This is definitely an interesting find because one just doesn’t come across old school crew cabs from this era all that often.

However, no matter how cool it might be, the thing about these old-school trucks is that most of the time, the power source that came with them is a bit lackluster as compared to the power sources of today. Sure, an all-original truck definitely has a cool factor. However, with the power plants on the market to choose from in 2023, we would guess that the vast majority of common truck swap candidates would not only make more power than what was originally under the hood of this crew cab. They would likely also do so with more reliability and fuel efficiency as well.

This time, we follow along with Gunpowder & Gasoline who takes us along for a full build of this old school ride.

The idea is to remove all of the aesthetics from the Ford and plop them on a modern Dodge Cummins turbo diesel chassis. That means that the result is not only getting the power and reliability but also other components that will make for a more comfortable ride as well. With the video below, we get the full rundown in a three hour video that takes us from start to finish, showing how all of these parts come together to create what is sure to be nothing short of a head turner anywhere that it travels.

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