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Fully Electric Flying Sports Car Debuts at Wisconsin Air Show – Switchblade / BlackFly

Transportation as we know it is constantly evolving. One day, we’re looking at improving public transportation. The next, perhaps the focus is more on personalized aviation. With some crazy ideas flying around, we never really know what’s coming. The amount of curveballs that transportation has thrown us over the past decade is amazing. Who knows? We could all have our own jet packs before long!

For those who would like to take a look into the more realistic crystal ball of personal aviation, the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual convention in Wisconsin might be a good place to start.

In this particular featurette from the Associated Press, we take a look inside a vehicle’s called “Switchblade.”

Essentially, the concept is to take a traditional sports car. The only difference is that the user can convert it into an airplane with a couple of simple steps.

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The prototype is entirely electric and has been seen speeds of 100 mph on the ground. When it all comes to fruition, they expect it to go about 120 mph on the ground or about 190 mph in the air. We would imagine that this could cut some serious time off of that commute.

For those who might be interested in getting into something like this, the price will probably be around $150,000. That might seem a little bit steep for a vehicle but when considering the fact it can fly, it might be quite the bargain.

The guys kind of beat around the bush a little bit but essentially they did confirm that, yes, this might be the vehicle that could be used to theoretically fly away from a traffic stop. We wouldn’t really recommend trying it out, though. For those who are ready to feast their eyes on the creation, all of the details can be found down in the video below. – Samson Sky Switchblade