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Genius Uses Jet Ski to Commute to Work in New York

One thing that most of us have to deal with our lives is that commute to work. For some, it might be a little bit easier than for others. In some areas, commuting can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Most of the time, this challenge is delivered in the form of traffic density.

However, for David Pike, his commute involves going over the Hudson River. Traditionally, he has been forced to go along the land before finding a bridge. This would take about 90 minutes for him to commute to his job. However, Pike had another idea in mind.

In order to shave off his commute time, Pike would end up picking up a jet ski. With a need to travel from Jersey City to Brooklyn, he just hops on board, board shorts and all, and zip right across the Hudson. The direct route ends up saving him big time on his commute. Instead of an hour and a half like it used to take between buses and trains, the commute now only consists of 15 minutes. With time savings like that, it’s kind of hard to turn down at least trying something like this. In turn, David is self-employed so wearing a wet suit to work won’t be frowned upon.

Now, people are probably wondering what happens in the winner. After all, New York tends to get rather chilly and it even snows sometimes. David does tell us that he is equipped with a wet suit and a dry suit but he’s going to play it by ear. He has yet to tangle with the winter months.

We would imagine that being on the water probably isn’t too pleasant an experience at that time. Maybe he will step it up and get into something a little bit bigger. Perhaps, he’ll make the jump to something with heat onboard.