Is This The Future Of Construction, Or Creepy Technology? Working An Excavator From Another Country Remotely!

Normally, when we think about technology, the first thing that comes to mind is ...

Normally, when we think about technology, the first thing that comes to mind is something pocket sized with a screen. For most folks, the thought of their cellphone or maybe something like a television or gaming console comes to mind. However, technology really isn’t limited to the consumer electronics that we deal with every day. In fact, there is a ton of money being spent in order to improve the job for working America. This can come in both blue-collar and white-collar forms. No matter what way we slice it, things are getting more efficient. In some cases, they’ll be a lot easier for the person doing the job.

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The last time that we talked about a piece of technology like this, it was a remote control piece of heavy equipment. This was a piece built by Stanley who would allow the operator to control a brute of their choosing remotely. This would allow them to take a step away from the equipment to see what’s going on without a spotter. However, this time, that concept is taken even further. Instead of just being able to control a piece of heavy equipment remotely from on the job site, with this technology, it doesn’t look like the user has to be on the site at all. It’s pretty much like remote virtual reality!

By following along with the video below, the LAD Bible brings us a pretty interesting concept. With the operator that we see here, he isn’t anywhere near where the work is happening. Instead, what he’s taking part in looks more like a video game than a job. If this is any indication of what the future might hold for those who work in blue-collar industries for a living, things might be getting a little bit less backbreaking. Just imagine how much more efficient jobsites will be able to be if half of the crew didn’t even have to show up!

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