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G-Wagon Durability Test Goes to Extreme Aerial Lengths

One of the interesting phenomena that we have watched unfold in the world of luxury vehicles is that of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV better known as the “G-Wagon.” Most folks probably know this as the typical upper-class mall crawler. However, the machine doesn’t seem to have been originally built to facilitate rich folks going to the mall and stopping at Starbucks.

Instead, the G-Class has been built with an off-road heritage that promises that this machine will be able to take one wherever they want in style and comfort. Plenty of G-Wagon admirers would never know that as a very small fraction of these machines ever see their way off of a paved surface.

However, on a couple of occasions, we have watched the SUVs that now trade in the $200,000 range ($130k base price) driven like they were designed to be driven.

In this case, the G-Wagon gets very special treatment. Not only does it get taken off of the beaten path but it gets taken off the beaten path by the YouTuber by the name of WhistlinDiesel who many know at this point for his proclivity for destruction.

Down in the video below, we check in with a G-Wagon that isn’t only a luxurious SUV but one that has been upgraded to the tune of what its owner says it’s about 1000 hp thanks to an upgraded twin-turbo system. In the demonstration, we get to watch as the Mercedes-Benz takes on the dunes, catching big air and even blasting its way through the water.

Those who know our host know that this thing is really going to be pushed past the limits so let’s see just how far can the luxury SUV might taken before things start to go wrong for this particular piece of German engineering.

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