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Garage Built BEAUTY Roars to Life – Stroked LS3 ’69 Camaro

There’s something special about a garage-built machine that can really make it come to life. Sure, buying a car that is already modified or maybe taking it to a shop to get some custom work done can be satisfying. However, there’s a certain pride that comes alongside a machine that has a lot of hard work invested in making it yours. It’s a level of customization that might not even be possible when it comes to work done by a shop.

This time, we check in with a classic one that couldn’t go wrong either way. The machine in question is a first-generation Chevrolet Camaro that really has some curb appeal. This ’69 has seen quite a bit of wrench work though and certainly has traveled quite a long way from its original form. In fact, its owner, Rick has taken this thing down to the nuts and bolts in order to create his own version of a dream machine.

Thanks to the crew from AutotopiaLA, we got to take a complete tour of the machine to learn how it has come together over the years. Let’s just say that with the help of a little bit of modern power, an LS3 to be more specific, this car is boasting not only a stronger performance ethic. It’s also going to be more efficient on other fronts as well. Certainly, the 630 hp that’s ready to rip has given the classic a wake-up call.

By following along with the video below, prepare for action as this machine really brings old-school performance to life. Back in the day, this thing was likely a pretty cool hot rod to see rolling around in the streets. However, with the pro-touring style come up that it has recently had, we would say that the classic is truly a version of itself that even the folks from GM who worked on it wouldn’t recognize!