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Ryan Martin Talks About Switch to ProCharged Hemi in Fireball Camaro

To the casual bystander, they might not realize just how much effort is invested in a racing machine to make it compete at a high level. Most of these folks just see a high-dollar engine combined with a high-dollar means of forced induction that’s all combined with a couple of meaty tires to go get the job done.

Sure, spending money is a big part of the equation and it’s going to be hard to compete with competitors on a show like Street Outlaws without dropping a couple of shiny coins. However, spending money is nothing more than a prerequisite. Instead, the effort invested in these cars goes so far beyond opening up the bank account to the point where it would be an insult to say that someone can buy their way into victory.

This time, thanks to Lou Renova aka 405 Photo, we get to take a behind-the-scenes look at just how these adjustments happen. Keep in mind this is just a small window into the world of a racer like Ryan Martin. However, it keeps us in tune with all of the tiny adjustments that a driver might go through with their vehicle in order to make sure that it’s just right come race day.

In this one, we get to touch base with how the small details really matter as Martin seems to have been putting a lot of thought into engine location. Just think about that. It’s quite the process to mull over exactly where in the car the engine would be best mounted. This is just one adjustment that comes down to literal inches that could mean the difference between winning and losing on race night. Multiply that by the thousands of different things that are happening aboard a car like this and we begin to see the full picture of just how complicated perfecting a setup can really be.