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Gas Monkey Energy – Original Mannequin Challenge

Viral video challenges are as common as viral videos themselves today. EVERYBODY had done at least one, it seems, from the cinnamon challenge to the ice bucket challenge and dozens in between. The latest fad to sweep the internet is the mannequin challenge, where everybody acts as if they’re frozen in time while the cameraman sweeps through the scene. It’s not as easy as it sounds, since the camera is constantly changing direction, you have to hold your pose for a long time!

The guys from Gas Monkey Garage, as they typically do, took their mannequin challenge to a whole new level! From “flying” monkeys to an employee caught guzzling paint, their challenge is INSANE and they absolutely nailed it from beginning to end. They sort of broke the rules, having Head Man In Charge Richard Rawlings move throughout the video with the camera, but it works very well and the end product is really fun to watch!

They also added a cool transition out of the challenge at the end, stepping right into motion, really selling the whole “frozen in time” concept! Check it out, it may be the best video you see today!

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