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Gas Monkey Garage – Motor Too Big? Squeezing a HUGE Motor in a Big Car

Gas Monkey Garage – Motor Too Big?  Squeezing a HUGE Motor in a Big Car

When it comes to hot rodding, picking out your ideal power plant is one of the key elements of a rewarding build. This time, that optimal engine is going to be a very tight squeeze.

With this video, we’re on the scene as Aaron Kaufman and the Gas Monkey crew get their hands on a new engine for their 1967 Cadillac Deville build.

The new power will be coming from 500ci of Cadillac power to replace the 429 that just wasn’t too hot. In order to make the new engine fit, however, a little bit of shoehorn action might be necessary.

Check out the video below that shows us what all has to be done the name of fitting that perfect engine into the car’s engine bay. It is in no simple task, even though Gas Monkey Garage makes it look that way.

In this clip below, road rage is really taken too far.



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