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Gearhead Granny Throws Gears in Old School Cobra, Still Ripping 48 Years Later!

One of the cool things about motorsports is that nobody is excluded. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re currently doing in life. All that it takes to get into motorsports as a passion for cars.

As someone who has been covering racing for over a decade now, it really seems like people in motorsports come from all walks of life. Personally, I’ve interviewed everybody from neurosurgeons all the way to people who built cars on a budget in their back yard. The people I’ve met have been men and women, young and old. The best part is that all of these people can become family because of our shared passion.

Racing isn’t a sport that’s overflowing with women drivers. Honestly, that’s something that we would like to see change as more people are introduced to the passion of drag racing. Some of the ladies that we’ve met have been completely badass in their own right. This time, we run into a lady who falls right into that category.

With this feature, we meet an unlikely drag racer and we definitely can’t help but love her story. In this one, Sue Mcllvanie is assuming the title of “Gearhead Grannie.”

The car in question has been in her possession for 48 years. The old-school Ford Fairlane Cobra looks brand-new, with a bit of modification, of course. Fitted with 428 cubic inches of big block power, we will commonly find gearhead granny slamming gears in this wild muscle machine. Sue seems to have as much of a passion for racing as anyone that we’ve ever met.

By following along with the victoryredcolorado video below, we watch as this awesome wheel woman struts her stuff. It’s stories like these that remind us why we love the sport so much. It can definitely be a way for different people in different walks of life to get to know one another.