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General Motors Recalls 217,000 Vehicles Due to Risk of Fire

General Motors has been the topic of discussion around the automotive watercooler recently. The company is issuing a recall for a substantial number of models from the past couple of model years. This recall is believed to be high risk as, if not addressed, the vehicles in question are at risk to catch on fire.

GM will be repairing 217,000 vehicles that might be at risk for a transmission oil leak. In addition to catching on fire, it may also cause vehicles to stop moving as well. Reports say that the leak is caused by two bolts that might be missing from the stop-start mechanism which will cause enough space for fluid to leak and potentially become an issue. The recall is expected to start December 14, 2020, at which time, dealerships will inspect the mechanism and replace the bolts.

The models impacted by the situation are the 2018-2020 Chevrolet Equinox and Traverse, plus the corresponding GMC Terrain. In addition, we find the 2018 Chevrolet Malibu, 2018-19 Chevrolet Cruze, 2018-19 Buick LaCrosse, 2019-20 Buick Encore and Enclave, 2019-20 Cadillac XT4, 2019-20 GMC Acadia, and 2019-2020 Chevrolet Blazer. Last but not least, the 2020 Cadillac XT6 will be impacted as well.

If there’s one thing that an automaker absolutely never wants to think about, it’s making a recall. A recall will not only negatively impact the bottom line. After all, it’s going to cost money to assess and fix any shortcomings in production. It might also be a strike against the reputation of a brand in some eyes.

Naturally, these things happen with pretty much every automaker. At the end of the day, it’s going to be hard to be perfect and there’s likely going to be a gap in production that needs to be made up for somewhere. This time, GM will be looking to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.

By following along with the news report below, we’re able to gather the full details of the situation.