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Genius Blanket Saves Lives, Puts Out Car Fires In A Hurry

If there’s one area where we can always stand to get better, it’s that of our personal safety. I don’t think that anybody is out there disagreeing that there could be fewer injuries or deaths. Of course, when it comes to how quick a fire can be put out, if a company or individual has a good idea, it’s something to be considered. After all, stopping the spread of a fire could end up saving tons of money and potentially even lives. Just imagine if someone were able to put out their choice of the California wildfires before they even got started. It’s really that big of a deal.

On a somewhat smaller scale, we check out a Norwegian company that goes by the name of “Bridge Hill.” Essentially, what Bridge Hill is all about is the research and development of various technologies. This time, we take a look at a fire suppression system they have created and has some major merit behind it. If thing is able to follow through on the promises that it makes in an economical way, we think that might see widespread implementation before long.

“By isolating the car fire in less than 20 seconds with the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket, you avoid the risk of heavy smoke or fire spread. The danger of a catastrophic tunnel fire is thus averted.” “This fire tool should be available in all tunnels, in all car parks, ferries, electric car charging stations, and anywhere else with a high concentration of cars.”

Bridge Hill

By following along with the video below, we check out the blanket that can be used to smother something as large a car fire. Someone reading this might be thinking that firefighters are doing a pretty good job of putting out fires as they currently do.

When someone takes the time to consider the fact that this could save the minutes or more after a fire has been started, all without having to spray it down with a chemical or water, there’s certainly hope in the concept.