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Genius Snow Chain Hack For This Winter

While snowy conditions can be fun, they can also produce rather dangerous situations for people you don’t have the equipment to handle the surprising elements. In this situation, we get a little bit of advice on how exactly to handle yourself during times like this.

Even though tire chains might be a very reliable and realistic solution to gain traction in the snow, a solution that probably dates back hundreds of years, it turns out the chains can be a rather large hassle to get installed. It’s okay though, you’re not alone in your struggle.

With the snow chain hack laid out in the video below, you might just find your winter getting a little bit easier if you play your cards right. Something like this could mean saving lots of time and strain on your back muscles if you install chains a lot.

Check out the methodology below as our uploader gives you some workarounds that you might find to be rather useful out in the cold this winter. Be sure to tell us what you think of how to get stuff done!