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Genius Tow Rope Helped Unlikely Jeep Rescue Stuck Big Rig

To the untrained eye, snatching a stuck vehicle out of a bunch of mud might be something that’s fairly straightforward. The rescuer will hook up a rope or chain to the vehicle in question and start moving forward. That’s about it, right? Well, for those who are quite well-versed in this area, they will probably spell out a story that’s a little bit different. Sure, the basic concept remains the same but even disregarding the safety aspect of it all, for the time being, there are even different types of ropes and chains that can be used and these materials have to be used in a different way depending on the characteristics of each and every situation.

In this particular situation, we check out a method that is certainly interesting to think about. Now, again, to those who aren’t too familiar with such a situation, they wouldn’t consider the likes of an elasticised rope to be something that could help. However, there are folks who go to battle with situations like these every day and seem to think that a little bit of elasticity could be a massive help in ways that most people probably would never even think of. In this case, it appears as if a kinetic tow rope helped a Jeep Wrangler rescue a big rig.

Now, for those who aren’t colored impressed yet, one of the features of the situation that makes it so improbable is the fact that the Jeep Wrangler isn’t a vehicle that is very powerful or all that heavy. These are two things that would make an awesome tow rig. In fact, most people would probably think that, given the situation, the Jeep wouldn’t even have a shot at doing all that much good. However, with a kinetic tow rope that is designed to stretch to allow the Jeep to game momentum and then use that stretch to transfer the energy to the stuck vehicle and give it a little bit of help moving forward, the big rig ends up wiggling its way from a very tight and sticky spot. It leads one to wonder if these kinetic tow ropes are the best way to solve a problem like this, after all.