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Get Your Adrenaline Going Inches From Sure Death With Extreme Paragliding

Sometimes, when it comes to the way that people live their everyday lives, the monotony might try to get the best of them, making people take to extreme measures in order to make sure that they can get their need for adrenaline met. Now some people do this in a way that seems to be a little bit tamed down but others, well, they go full send and commit entirely to the act. When you see somebody like this adrenaline junkie go at one of their hobbies with a full head of steam, you can’t help but get a little bit tingly inside yourself just watching from this side of the screen. Just imagine how it feels on the other side of the screen!

In this situation, we’re watching none other than a display of paragliding. However, this isn’t just any normal paragliding session but instead, one that happens down a Romanian cliffside just inches from the ground. If it doesn’t sound like much, well, once you see the video, you’ll discover just how wrong such an assessment really is.

Instead of any sort of paragliding that you’ve probably seen before, this extreme display takes the action sports junkie factor to a new level by bringing this individual within mere inches feet of certain death. To say that this really spices things up a little bit would be a massive understatement.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to check out this display that takes things to a new high. In a situation like this, there is certainly no telling when something is going to go awry and that’s probably what makes it so exciting for the person in control here. If you dare, feel free to tune in down below to a clip that allows you to ride along from the safe side of the camera that will still give you the rush of a lifetime. We have to give you a fair warning because you might just find yourself screaming at the screen here!