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Getting Allen Iverson’s Lambo Out of Impound

Just when you thought that the rich and the famous got off scot-free, able to live their lives without the hassles and tribulations that us “normal folk” have to put up with like getting a car locked up within impound, the stories begin to flow out like never before. Thanks to the internet, in big part, we’re now able to see and hear about some of the behind-the-scenes scoops on celebrities like we’ve never gotten before which might mean that there are some stories that leak out that we otherwise would have never gotten to get a taste of. This one is quite intriguing!

If you’d consider yourself a fan of basketball, you absolutely know who Allen Iverson is. As a player that many would consider amongst the pound-for-pound greatest to ever play the game, along with a personality that is too big to be contained, Iverson transcended the basketball world to become one of the biggest sports personalities to ever do it. I mean, who doesn’t know about his iconic speech where “we talkin’ bout practice?” All gushing about the star aside, though, Iverson has gotten himself in a predicament or two over the course of his career.

In this one, we take the opportunity to tune in with another VinWIKI video that talks a little bit about Allen and his love/hate relationship when it comes to supercars, more particularly, a Lamborghini, and the taxes that go along with owning such cars. As you could expect with the colorful past that Allen Iverson always seemed to drum up in the media, this is yet another story full of twists and turns associated with the iconic now retired professional basketball legend. After seeing something like this, it almost makes you want to lean away from some of the more expensive vehicles that life has to offer based on the tax burden alone!