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Getting The Dung Beetle Ready For SEMA 2018

Getting The Dung Beetle Ready

SEMA 2018

Article By Eric Anderson

Published By Morgan Buniel

With most of the racing world winding down for the season – yes, Florida and South Texas, we know you guys race through the winter! – we know this means it’s that time of year where we start seeing new plans for next year. Each year, the first week of November is marked on everybody’s calendar with 4 simple letters: SEMA

If you haven’t heard of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, it’s a massive trade show that brings together automotive aftermarket manufacturers, OEM manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and media for a week-long convention in Vegas. It’s often used to unveil new parts and components, technology, and is a showcase for countless custom car, truck, bike, racing, and offroad builds. It’s also used by many to showcase upgrades to existing builds, and that’s what we’re seeing today. You may have noticed things have been somewhat quiet in the Farmtruck and AZN camp lately. Sure, we’ve seen Team FNA doing work in the daily driver shootouts on No Prep Kings, but for the most part, we really haven’t heard much else from the guys. Now we know why.

The Dung Beetle, AZN’s beloved Volkswagen sleeper, has been under the knife, getting a heart transplant, among other upgrades and updates.

The car was dropped off last winter with plans of hitting SEMA 2018 to show off the new goodies, and we’re catching up with the guys as they put the finishing touches on the Beetle and prep for the big reveal. The car now has a Subaru powerplant, complete with a new Turbonetics snail, and all new suspension to help put the power to the ground. The crew at Misfire Motorsports handled the upgrades and even brought in a familiar face when it came time to fab up the exhaust.

The car made the trip from the 405 to Vegas, and we’ll have more video detailing the upgrades soon. Until then, check out this pre-SEMA prep, brought you by Farmtruck and AZN’s very own YouTube channel.