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Ghost Car Disappears During Police Chase

Ghost Car Disappears During Police Chase

When it comes to the supernatural, opinions are generally split. Some believe in ghosts and some just can’t grasp believing in things beyond physical existence.

This time, we ride along, going on a police chase in a  Ford Crown Victoria and it would seem almost as if this officer ran into something that shows us that the supernatural might just be real.


Regardless of the narrator’s overwrought delivery, we’re watching a pretty standard car chase. The cops pursue the driver for several minutes, occasionally losing him for minute, but then always catching up eventually. Then suddenly, he weaves wide right, and takes a sharp left…into history.

There’s no official answer here — even Snopes isn’t getting involved — and the Garden City PD has stayed coyly silent, presumably feeling like the prettiest belle at the ball from all the attention the internet is giving them. So you’re just going to have to wonder: Was it ghosts? Was it a lucky drunk? What actually happened?