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Girl Discovers Treasure Hidden In Grandma’s Garage

One of the things that makes a barn find so unique Is the fact that one can never tell when it’s going to come. Sure, the ideal barn find might be somewhere out in the middle of the country residing under a cover of dust where nobody will ever find it. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the exciting part of the barn find is that it might be right under our noses. The older lady or gentleman living next-door might be storing something in their garage that nobody knows about and hasn’t seen the light of day in a decade or more.

This time, that was exactly the case as a young lady would find her way into grandma’s garage. Instead of finding a bunch of old China and furniture, she would uncover something a little bit more exciting. Hanging out under all of the dust would reside several cars. We think that the most exciting would certainly be a 1981 Lamborghini Countach 300S. The car that had been sitting there for more than a decade is said to be 1 of 321, making it not only cool but also pretty rare. In addition, the Countach was complimented by a Ferrari 308. Imagine their surprise to not find just one exotic, but two!

The video below details the story and how exactly it all unfolded. It’s said that the pair of cars could be worth $400,000 or maybe even $500,000 depending on the exact condition. Just imagine a situation where cleaning out grandma’s garage yielded a happy payday. We’re sure that all parties involved are quite excited about their find. We know that we wouldn’t mind stumbling across something that, for all intents and purposes, is worth more than a house. This might even be the coolest version of a “cleaning out the garage” story that we’ve ever heard!


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