Turning a Widebody Hellcat Charger into a 1000 HP BEAST (Part 1)

At Speed Society, one of our favorite things to do is give away cars. Now, these ...

At Speed Society, one of our favorite things to do is give away cars. Now, these aren’t just any cars but instead, some of the most intense machines on the market.

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Not only do we bring you incredible rides like the Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody. We also take the time to install a couple of upgrades to make them feel even better. After all, even though the Hellcat is a very special platform that makes a ton of power, just a couple of simple modifications can really help to wake these cars up.

This time, we bring you up to speed on our most recent giveaway machine. The build goes by the name of the “Hell Charger” and for good reason.

After starting out with the Hellcat architecture, we joined forces with our friends over at Forza Tuning and Performance in order to give this demonic kitty a little bit more bite.

In the first episode, we aren’t quite messing with the power adders just yet. Instead, we’re adding a couple of supporting modifications that will help to make sure that all of that horsepower can be made reliably for years to come.

For starters, the Hell Charger grabs a Per4mance Development diff brace just to make sure that the new owner doesn’t end up being featured in a viral video for the rear end spitting its guts all over the track. That is something that tends to happen when modded Hellcats with a factory rear end are taken to the drag strip.

From there, we also check in with a couple of other key components to making this build special. Don’t miss the Driveshaft Shop aluminum one-piece driveshaft that should provide a little bit more strength than the stock two-piece unit along with the Kooks exhaust that is really the chef’s kiss, making this machine sing and breathe better.

By following along with the video below, you’ll get to see every moment from how exactly we went about getting the car all the way up to the initial modifications and even a dyno pull. After you’re finished with this one, be sure to check in here to see the next phase of the build.

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