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Girlfriend Gives BoostedGT the Sauce in the 302

When it comes to the cars that you see on television, blasting their way down the racing surface every week on Street Outlaws, they really give you a good measuring stick as they head around the country and take on cars from all over the place. If you can throw down with one of these guys then you know that you’re fast! This time, Delaware is the scene of the action and it’s all going down at Route 13 Dragway as Boosted GT is on the scene to take on Tommy Lynch and the “Girlfriend” Ford Mustang Fox Body. We have featured this car before and it’s definitely not one to pick on as Tommy has seemed to get that nitrous machine dialed in pretty well as it consistently rips its way down the track.

On this particular showing, the two clash and you can practically feel it as the adrenaline flows through your veins when the pair of Mustangs roll up to the line and stage, ready to make their way down the surface. With such a set of impressive machines, you never know what is going to happen but this time, it seems like the ball was definitely in the court of the home team as Girlfriend really made magic happen, taking victory twice in a row. That’s most certainly an impressive showing, if we do say so ourselves, especially against a proven machine like Boosted’s.

Check out the video down below as this pair of wild machines throws on the boxing gloves and gets down to work, taking shots and making their passes count! After watching this pair of heavyweights get down to business, be sure to tell us what you think of this pairing of cars that really puts the crowd on notice! You can bet your bottom dollar that every single pair of eyes in that facility were on this race as they blasted down the track to some competition.