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GMC And Harley-Davidson To Team Up To Build A Custom GMC Sierra Pickup Truck

One of the components of the automotive industry that has always fascinated us is collaboration. When we see something like “Harley-Davidson” slapped on a Ford F-150, we can’t help but take a closer look.

This time, the Harley-Davidson name is making its way to a new platform. Thanks to Tuscany Motor Co., the GMC Sierra will get the Harley-Davidson treatment. It’s the same company that was also responsible for the most recent F-150 Harley pickups.


For those who find these things interesting enough to buy, they better act quick. There’s supposedly only going to be 250 examples sent into the rotation.

What’s On Board?

With everything accounted for, there will be 65 unique features that make the Harley-Davidson truck different. These features are based on Harley’s “Fat Boy” model and extend throughout the truck. Here are some of the most notable.

  • Custom grill and tailgate.
  • Harley branding just about everywhere, including a custom gauge cluster
  • Paint-matched tonneau with a massive Harley-Davidson logo
  • 22-inch wheels also inspired by Harley-Davidson styling
  • Custom Fox suspension that lifts the body a total of 3-inches
How Much is it going to Punish the Wallet?

For those who are still in the ballgame and looking to grab one of these bad boys, listen up!

The trucks will be available in Onyx Black, Summit White or Satin Steel Metallic. Picking any one of these three colors will get you into the 2020 Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra for $94,995. Yes, light-duty pickup trucks are quickly approaching the six-figure territory.

That’s quite the investment, to say the least. Is the juice worth the squeeze? I guess that all depends on how much you love Harley-Davidson and GMC trucks. This combination is certainly going to be a way to stand out on the road. With such a bold design and limited quantities available, these are going to be a rather rare and exciting sight!