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GMC Sonoma Drag Truck Has Massive Brake Failure Causing The Truck to Meet The Wall

Most of the time, when you find yourself out on the drag strip, you can chalk up whatever happens to “just being racing.” I think that the majority of drivers have come to realize that they can’t really get too angry at any given situation because if they did, they would probably lose their minds. Most people realize that racing has lots of ups and downs and that you need to take the good with the bad if you’re going to have any sort of longevity in the sport. With that in mind, this is really not a great situation but hopefully, the driver can shake it off and move forward.

In this one, the National No Prep Association captures the action as a GMC Sonoma lines up with a Chevrolet Cavalier drag car. Off of the starting line, it looks like the Cavalier is going to be the one with the issues as it wiggles about, really struggling to gain traction and stay in its own lane, however, that’s not where the crash and burn ends. Instead, we watch the truck blast through the track without issue, but at the end, we learn that the GMC had a brake failure. Basically, when the driver threw the parachute, it slowed the truck down somewhat but not enough to avoid crashing.

It looks like, in a last ditch effort to cause minimal damage, the driver took on a nearby collision to avoid plowing straight into whatever was at the end of the strip. Perhaps, he hoped that gliding along the wall would slow him down instead of taking on the collision head on. Either way, it looks like the truck endured some big-time damage and you really have to feel for the guy behind the wheel as losing your brakes at speeds like those is probably no fun.